Knoll: Interactive Archive

I partnered with modern design icon Knoll to develop The Archive, an interactive timeline of the company’s history, which launched in October 2018. I curated, researched, and wrote new timeline entries spanning over 100 years of design history, and uncovered the many personal and professional connections linking the design luminaries and institutions that shaped Knoll's history. The new Archive also incorporates the history of KnollTextiles, and spotlights the many contributions of women designers. Data visualization produced in conjunction with Schema Design.

Please note the Archive is best experienced on a desktop or tablet.

Entries can be explored in three views: as a chronological timeline, in a regular grid, or as a constellation that shows the many personal and professional connections linking Knoll with many interwar and postwar design luminaries. The 400+ entries can also be sorted by themes and tags, and a particular entry can be set as a filter to view related content.

MoMA Design Store: E-commerce Messaging Strategy

I worked with the Museum of Modern Art's Design Store to surface and clarify its unique perspective on design, and to help express what sets its product offering apart from other retailers. 

Together, we also developed a set of criteria that buyers for MoMA's Design Store can measure every potential new product against. This filtration protocol ensures a diverse, high-quality product selection that is informed by MoMA's 80+ years of design scholarship and advocacy. difference.jpeg assortment.jpeg democratize.jpeg pov.jpeg selection.jpeg filters.jpg